About us

As a family, our Californian identity is deeply rooted in both Southern and Northern California.

Hello and welcome to our travel blog! My name is Gennifer Rose and I’m the creator behind California Nomad. 🙂

My entire childhood I grew up in the charming coastal town of Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, while my husband is a San Diego native. Serendipity brought us together during his college years in San Francisco, and we’ve now been traveling California together for over a decade.

After spending years living all around the San Francisco Bay Area, we eventually moved to Southern California and lived near my in-laws in Escondido for a while. When it came time to buy a house and raise our kids, we settled in the capital city of Sacramento. Collectively we have lived in over 10 cities in the Golden State of California, hence the name “California Nomads”.

Our next generation is also growing up in California. We have a daughter and a son, both born here in Sacramento. As evident from this blog, our biggest passion and family activity is traveling around the state and creating vibrant travel guides for our readers.

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