Farm fresh food market Boa Vista Orchards in Apple Hill

Boa Vista Orchards in Apple Hill – An El Dorado County Gem

Boa Vista Orchards, located in the renowned Apple Hill region, is more than just an orchard — it’s a hub and gathering place for fans of all things related to the autumn season. While there are many noteworthy farms and fruit stands sprinkled among the rolling hills of El Dorado County, Boa Vista stands out as one of the most prominent. Known for it’s extra large square footage with a wide variety of foods and produce to shop, along with their super extended open hours and reliability, this is a must visit spot in Apple Hill.

An Introduction to Apple Hill

Nestled in the picturesque region of El Dorado County, California, lies a hidden treasure trove of orchards, farms, and festivities known as Apple Hill. This enchanting destination is a celebration of all things autumn, where the air is crisp, the foliage is vibrant, and the scent of freshly baked pies wafts through the orchards. Apple Hill is not just a place; it’s a seasonal experience that captures the essence of fall in California Gold Country. Make plans to embark on a journey to explore the whimsical farm vibes of Apple Hill, from its bountiful orchards to its cozy farm stands and family-friendly activities, all set against a backdrop of rolling hills and picturesque countryside.

About Boa Vista Orchards

Boa Vista Orchards is a sprawling, family-owned farm that has been welcoming guests for generations. Its picturesque landscape, spanning over 100 acres, is a testament to the bounty of the region. Depending on the season, visitors can shop for apples, pears, pumpkins, and more. The orchard’s setting, against the backdrop of rolling hills and blue skies, creates a serene and inviting atmosphere that is simply everything you want for a farm experience.

One thing that really sets Boa Vista Orchards apart from the other farms is that they are open year round, nearly every day (only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas). Pretty much all of the other farms are only open seasonally, and with limited days and hours on top of that. It is not uncommon to make the drive all the way up to a specific Apple Hill farm for an event, just to find it randomly closed during “open hours.” You can always rely on Boa Vista to be open and ready to accept guests.

Farm Fresh Produce

One of the highlights of Boa Vista Orchards is the vast array of fresh produce available. From the juiciest apples to the crispiest pears, every fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure the best flavor. Visitors can stroll through the orchard’s market and select from a variety of fruits, vegetables, jams, olives, honey and pickles,

Fresh Baked Fall Treats

True story, my mom comes all the way from Texas for their apple fritters! At Boa Vista you can come and enjoy the classic fall baked treats year round. From apple cider donuts, fresh apple cider, pies, and caramel apples, you can satisfy your sweet tooth any month of the year.

May is Strawberry Month at Boa Vista Orchards

Get your strawberries during peak season and they’ll be the sweetest ever! In May Boa Vista has a strawberry extravaganza with fresh strawberries, strawberry donuts, strawberry pastries, strawberry pies, strawberry lemonade, strawberry sangria, strawberry ice cream, strawberry fudge and strawberry jam. Check their website and social media for the exact dates when it will start.

Visit Boa Vista Orchards During the 4th of July

In July Boa Vista has Red, White and Blueberry special themed eats! Come and try farm fresh blueberries, blueberry ice cream, blueberry donuts, blueberry fudge, blueberry lemonade, blueberry jam, blueberry wine, blueberry sangria, blueberry preserves and blueberry pies and pastries. Note, they usually sell out of the most popular items by end of day. So my advice is to arrive early, or visit on weekdays to ensure you get what you want.

Also, often during the summer months they have kid-friendly events such as train rides, face painting and artisan shops.

Does Boa Vista Orchards Offer U-Pick Apples?

In all my years of going to Apple Hill and doing u-pick at various farms, I’ve never seen Boa Vista offer the farm experience of u-pick fruit. If anything changes, I will update this blog post.

Hard Cider and Apple Beer at Boa Vista Orchards

For the adults who love to enjoy a cold boozy beverage, at Boa Vista you can get hard cider and apple beer on tap or a bottle to-go. They have juicy flavors such as Blackberry Hard Cider, Peach Hard Cider, Pomegranate Hard Cider, Citrus Hard Cider, Classic Apple Hard Cider and Apple Beer.

Enjoy a Hot Lunch at Boa Vista Orchards

While many of the farms in Apple Hill offer fruit and sweet treats for purchase, they rarely offer full meals for lunch. At Boa Vista you can enjoy a hot lunch off the grill, with foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, brisket sandwiches, cheeseburgers, polish dogs, black bean burgers and more. Note, the hot lunches are only available Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Supporting Local Agriculture

One of the charms of Boa Vista Orchards is its commitment to supporting local agriculture. By purchasing their fresh produce and goods, visitors directly contribute to the sustainability of the region’s farming community. It’s an opportunity to savor the flavors of El Dorado County while giving back to the community.

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